Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tool #6


Holly first introduced Diigo  to me at the beginning of the spring 2012 semester, and I have found  that it is a great way to collect & share awesome resources with colleagues and students.  I had a great time using it during our Science Fiction unit where I wanted student to gain a basic understanding of the genre of SciFi.  By collecting the sources in Diigo, I was able to offer students a small but useful selection of web sources to take in among the vast amount of information out there.  This was extremely useful for a short, 45 min. class period.

My experience with TodaysMeet- I first encountered TodaysMeet during the January 2012 in-service where the Flipped Classroom group asked the students, in this case, teachers, to read and discuss educational resources and comment on each one.  Reading and interacting with live comments is stimulation and engaging because you are constantly reading and thinking about what to respond next.  This would be a great way to change up the Socratic Circle discussions we have in the classroom at the end of novels.


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